P-notes investments in Indian markets stand at Rs 97,751 crore by September-end

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in its data report has showed that the value of participatory notes (P-notes) investments in Indian markets -- equity, debt and hybrid securities -- was at Rs 97,751 crore by September-end compared to Rs 97,744 crore by August-end.

The report further noted that out of the total Rs 97,751 crore invested through the route till September, Rs 86,624 crore was invested in equities, Rs 10,873 crore in debt, Rs 547 crore in hybrid securities and Rs 68 crore in derivatives.

The figure for July was revised to Rs 85,799 crore from Rs 1,01,798 crore posted earlier. Prior to that, investment level was at Rs 92,261 crore by June-end, Rs 89,743 crore by May-end, Rs 88,447 crore at April-end and Rs 89,100 crore by March-end.

P-notes are issued by registered foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) to overseas investors who wish to be a part of the Indian stock market without registering themselves directly. They, however, need to go through a due diligence process.