Unemployment rate rises to 13.3% in July-September 2020: NSO survey

The National Statistical Office (NSO) in its periodic labour force survey said that unemployment rate rose to 13.3 percent in July-September 2020 as compared to 8.4 percent in the year-ago period. Joblessness or unemployment rate (UR) is defined as the percentage of unemployed persons in the labour force. The UR was 20.9 per cent in April-June 2020.

As per the survey, labour force participation rate for all ages was 37 per cent in September quarter 2020, up from 36.8 per cent in the same period a year ago. It was 35.9 per cent in April-June 2020. Labour force refers to the part of the population which supplies or offers to supply labour for pursuing economic activities for the production of goods and services and therefore, includes both 'employed' and 'unemployed' persons.

NSO launched PLFS in April 2017. On the basis of PLFS, a quarterly bulletin is brought out giving estimates of labour force indicators namely UR, Worker Population Ratio (WPR), Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR), distribution of workers by broad status in employment and industry of work in Current Weekly Status (CWS).