Clean energy can support India’s economic recovery post COVID-19: NITI Aayog Report
NITI Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) have released a new report titled ‘Towards a Clean Energy Economy: Post-Covid-19 Opportunities for India’s Energy and Mobility Sectors’, which advocates for stimulus and recovery efforts that work towards building a clean, resilient, and least-cost energy future for India. These efforts include electric vehicle, energy storage, and renewable energy programs.

The latest report identifies how COVID-19 is beginning to influence the clean energy transition in India, specifically for the transport and power sectors, and recommends principles and strategic opportunities for the country’s leaders to drive economic recovery and maintain momentum towards a clean energy economy. It said that COVID-19 has presented significant demand and supply-side challenges for India’s transport and power sectors, from liquidity constraints and supply shortages to shifts in consumer demand and preferences.

The report also lays out four principles as a framework for policymakers and other key decision-makers considering programmes to support India’s clean energy future such as invest in least-cost-energy solutions, support resilient and secure energy systems, prioritize efficiency and competitiveness, and promote social and environmental equity.