May 19 2012
Sanjay Sinha, Founder, Citrus Advisors told NDTV Profit that concerns over the rupee and implementation of the General Anti Avoidance Rule or GAAR are haunting markets.
August 11 2016
Sanjay Sinha (Founder Citrus Advisors) Shares his views on the upcoming trends and the factors which can drive the Market - Part 1
June 24 2016
Brexit Verdict and its impact on the world markets
June 07 2016
This 30 mins Panel Discussion on Bloomberg TV reviews the monetary policy under Dr Rajan's tenure. It also brings out many important issues, with reference to whether he should be given a second term at office.
June 06 2016
Post Policy Panel Discussion on CNBC Awaaz with Mr. Soumya Kanti Ghosh - SBI Economist & Mr M.S. Unnikrishnan - MD & CEO Thermax
November 13 2013
Basics of Mutual Funds. The concept of mutual fund and how it helped the investor has been explained.
October 23 2013
Basic of Savings. Why savings is important?
August 19 2013
19th August Interview: Nifty may slide below 5500 in near-term: Sanjay Sinha, Founder Citrus Advisors
January 18 2013
Where should retail investors invest? Sanjay Sinha on Radio FM 104. Show host Anuraag Pandey.
July 16 2012
Sanjay Sinha sharing his thoughts with IFAs and investors, Part -3
July 16 2012
Sanjay Sinha sharing his thoughts with IFAs and investors, Part -2
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Which equity fund category will do the best in 2018?

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May 04 2015
MUTUALFUND > What short-term investment options do mutual funds give?
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May 06 2015
MUTUALFUND > would you prefer offline or online investment in mutual funds?
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