Nippon Life AMC announces change in directorship on board of Nippon life India trustee

Nippon Life India Asset Management (AMC) has announced following changes in the directorship on the Board of Nippon Life India Trustee Limited (NLITL): Kohei Sano, Associate Director on the Board of NLITL, has resigned as a Director of the Company with effective from May 16, 2022; and Yasuo Akasaka have been appointed as Associate Director on the Board of NLITL with effective from May 16, 2022. Details of Yasuo Akasaka are as enclosed. Accordingly, the para titled ‘Information about Sponsor, AMC and Trustee Companies’ of the Statement of Additional Information (SAI) shall stand modified.

This addendum forms an integral part of the SAI of Nippon India Mutual Fund and all the other terms and conditions of the aforesaid document read with the addenda issued from time to time will remain unchanged.