ITI AMC announces change in name of scheme

ITI Asset Management Company (AMC) has announced addendum to the Scheme Information Document (SID) and Key Information Memorandum (KIM) of schemes of ITI Mutual Fund.

ITI Asset Management Company (AMC) informed that as per Clause 2.6.5 of SEBI Master Circular dated May 19, 2023, for easy identification by investors and in order to bring uniformity in names of schemes for a particular category across Mutual Funds, the scheme name shall be the same as the scheme category. Accordingly, the name of the ‘ITI Banking & PSU Debt Fund’ in scheme category-Banking and PSU Fund has been revised to ‘ITI Banking and PSU Fund’.

This Notice-cum-Addendum forms an integral part of SID/KIM and SAI. Further, all the other terms and conditions of the aforesaid documents read with the addenda issued from time to time will remain unchanged.